Brenna Scarves Now at Twigg & Hottie!

Twigg & Hottie is one of our favourite Vancouver boutiques so we’re super excited to have our Brennas in stock at their Main Street store. Swing by and try some our light-weight organic cotton scarves on. Each is hand-dyed and unique. These make fantastic gifts as they are simple to style and care for as well as being one size fits all…easy peasy. We’re taking the difficulty out of gift giving for you :)

Nebula Brenna Scarf 42″ x 42″

Indigo Brenna Scarf 42 ” x 42″

Aquatic Brenna 42″ x 42″
Fireseed Brenna 42″ x 42″

Gemstone Brenna 42″ x 42″


One thought on “Brenna Scarves Now at Twigg & Hottie!

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