Canadian + Handmade Features Daub + Design

We’ve been featured on Canadian + Handmade’s blog. The authors, Sarah & Jennifer, started the blog in order to find, promote and, ideally, purchase Canadian products directly from the artisans themselves.

“Buying something handmade gives us a little thrill each time we use that item, or when we give it as a gift. There’s a sense of pride that is infused into that product by the artist or creator, and that attention shines through. Even the everyday items we use can add a little jolt of lovely to your day when they are handmade… and we’ll help you find that “lovely”!” (from C+H Website).

Daub + Design is produced locally in Vancouver from the start of the dye process. Every step is done by an individual who’s love and pride goes into the final product.  We started this company to combine our two loves: textile design & of course, the beach. As Jennifer says in the article: “dreaming of warm sand between my toes, and a cold drink with an umbrella in it…” This is what we work for :)


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