Daub + Design @ Blim Community Market November 28, Chinese Cultural Center (Chinatown)

Daub and Design will be part of Blim’s Monthly Community Market. This month (and next) it will take place @ the Chinese Cultural Center in Chinatown located at 50 East Pender. Sunday November 28 from 11am – 4pm, by donation please.

From Blim Monthly Market’s Facebook Page
“This Months market will include 60 vendors, music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts. And there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone. We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Chinatown’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community”.
Please click the link above to see a list of other vendors involved in this great event.


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